Healthy Hair

For many years, Satin Pillowcases have been highly recommended by hair stylists as the best type of pillowcase to sleep on.

  • Do you awake in the morning with “bed head?”
  • Do you use a satin cap to sleep in at night, and does that satin cap slip off at night while you sleep?
  • Do you travel and have to maintain your fresh look first thing in the morning?

If you have answered “Yes” to any or all of these questions, then you need to buy Orin’s Satin Creations Satin Pillowcases! The reason we promote sleeping on satin pillowcases is, hair glides over the silkiness of the satin pillowcase with no resistance. Unlike cotton fabrics, satin will not grip your hair. Cotton fabrics grip the hair follicles as you sleep and along with head movement the hair tangles as you sleep. This motion also increases split ends and dries out the hair.

Satin fabric allows your hair to breathe, retaining the natural oils and preventing the hair from becoming brittle and dry. Sleeping with hair rollers to retain a special hair style can be very uncomfortable and unattractive. Sleeping on Orin’s Satin Creations Satin Pillowcases is one of the easiest ways to take care your hair and feel good too.

Imagine your hair flowing over these soft satin pillowcases cradling each strand of your hair protecting your hairstyle while you sleep.


Do you wake up in the morning with sleep lines on your face? As we get older we lose the elasticity in our skin, and those sleep lines quickly turn into early lines on the face. No one wants to have unnecessary lines on the face. Sleeping on a soft cool satin pillowcase will minimize this process.

Our Satin Pillowcases are cool and silky and will not absorb the moisture from your face as you sleep. Imagine having a cool surface to rest your face on at night, moisturizer staying on your face, you awake with cool fresh skin. Say goodbye to unsightly morning face lines caused by traditional cotton pillowcases. Our Satin pillowcases are soft and exquisite, and will cradle your head and face in luxury.