Available in adult and children sizes, our masks  are made from printed cotton fabrics, and are double-layered with the option of inserting a filter for extra protection (filters are not included).  Each mask is made with the nose wire and the elastic is adjustable to fit properly behind the ears. Regular facemask designs will be selected from the fabric patterns displayed on the second tab below. Fabric patterns for the masks can change without notice. We reserve the right to substitute a pattern when necessary.

** Regular Facemasks: Receive 5 randomly selected fabric designs.

** Seasonal/Holiday Facemasks: Receive 4 randomly selected fabric designs reflecting the current season.

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Shawl Top
Shawl Top

A comfortable but stylish versatile cover-all top designed to enhance any body type.  Simply worn on its own, but is very elegant when worn over a Tank Top, T-Shirt or even a Sweater on the cooler evenings or months. The design is simple yet elegant and flows evenly over the body, covering the midsection and is very flattering to any body size or type.

The TOPPER can be belted at the waist to create another look.

This garment should be Hand Washed in cold water and hand to dry.

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Satin Lined Head Wrap by Satin Creations
Cap ‘N’ Wrap

Satin-Lined Cap and Head Wrap

Just in time to cover up that “Quarantine Hair”, our new Satin-Lined Sleep Cap comes with a Head Tie which turns the sleep cap into an exotic hair fashion statement. The CAP ‘N’ WRAP is just that:- Cap your head, wrap the hair tie around and you have designed a new look. Comfortable and stylish.

Limited quantities for each design so hurry to get yours today!!!

Special Launch Price at $45 each set.

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Duo Travel Pillow by Satin Creations, Canada
Duo Travel Pillow

Our Duo Travel Pillow is a combination of two styles of pillows. This versatile pillow satisfies many uses to enhance comfort at home or when travelling. Use it to support your neck when relaxing in bed reading or watching TV as well as in the car on a long drive.

When paired up with the Travel Blanket this can be a great Gift combination.

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Satin Hair Tie by Satin Creations, Canada
Hair Ties

Update your wardrobe, and transform your look with or solid or patterned Hair Tie. The perfect accessory to enhance your hair in a snap. Complete your hairstyle and accessorize your look with a variety of colors and patterns.

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White satin pillowcases made in Canada by Satin Creations
Satin Pillowcases

High quality satin pillowcases by Satin Creations that redefine sleep comfort while providing health and beauty benefits. Satin Pillowcases reduce wrinkles, hair loss, hair & lash damage, and hair matting, while promoting smoother, softer skin.

Our satin pillowcases provide luxurious comfort, and are available in a variety of sizes and colours. All of our pillowcases are handmade in Canada and are machine washable and dryer safe. They will not shrink, fade, stain and are wrinkle resistant.



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Satin travel pillow by Satin Creations
Travel Pillow & Pillowcase


Our Travel Pillow and Satin Pillowcase can be purchased as a combination or individually. An excellent item to have at all times. At home or away enjoy the comfort of your very own pillow and the comfort of your luxurious satin pillowcase.

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Satin Pillow Blanket by Satin Creations, Canada
Satin Pillow-Blanket

Our Satin Pillow-Blanket is a combination of two luxurious fabrics to produce two useful much needed items. A Satin Pillow OR a Chenille Throw Blanket designed with all our customers in mind.  Whether it’s used at home or away, you will enjoy this Satin Pillow-Blanket every time you use it either as a Blanket, or as a Satin pillow

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Satin Travel Pouch
Satin Travel Pouch

The Satin Travel Pouch is made of the same high quality fabric as our satin pillowcases. Designed and made in Canada, the Satin Travel Pouch is designed to take your pillowcase with you when travelling. It is also ideal for storing personal item.

Machine washable and dryer safe. It will not shrink or stretch, and it is stain and wrinkle resistant.

We have many colours to choose from.

*Satin pillowcase not included.

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Satin Travel Bag by Satin Creations
Travel/Shoe Bags

The Travel/Shoe Bags measure approximately 10-12 inches wide and 12-14 inches long.

Care Instructions:

Place item in a mesh laundry bag. Wash on gentle/delicate cycle with similar colors. Fluff dry for 5-10 minutes. Remove from dryer immediately otherwise may need a touch-up with a warm iron.

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Satin Jewelry Pouch
Satin Jewelry Sac

Beautiful, Durable Satin Jewelry Sac Our Satin Jewelry Sac is made with your choice of a solid colour for the outside and inside of the pouch. Please look at the Swatches tab below and then make your selection from the … Read More

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Satin Eye Mask by Satin Creations
Satin Eye Mask

A treat for fatigue, our satin handmade eye masks are gentle on the delicate skin around the eyes.

Our Eye Masks are designed to keep incoming light away from your eyes to promote a more restful sleep.

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Reversible satin head wrap by Satin Creations
Satin Head Wrap

Are you are looking for something elegant and fashionable but easy to wear?  Our Satin Creations reversible satin head wrap is just what you need. Whether you are experiencing a bad hair day, a medical hair loss condition our head wraps are an easy alternative.


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Silver Satin Skull Cap by Satin Creations, Canada
Satin Skull Cap

Another head cover from Satin Creations.  We offer these as an option to be used by Men, Women and Children.  It is a one size fits all and can be ordered in all colors.  The tie allows you to adjust for size and comfort. 

Care Instructions:

Place item in a mesh laundry bag. Wash on gentle/delicate cycle with similar colors. Fluff dry for 5-10 minutes. Remove from dryer immediately otherwise may need a touch-up with a warm iron.

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Black White Satin Scarf by Satin Creation, Canada
QUICKIE Neck Scarves

Our QUICKIE Neck Scarf is beautiful accessory that can be quickly added to enhance your attire regardless of the neckline of your outfit. The scarf is designed to quickly attach at the back of the neck for easy use.

The scarf is made of a high quality fabric that is carefully chosen for its durability, coolness, shine, and soft elegance.

Choose from the available fabric designs below.

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